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Winter recommendations

As the winter gets closer we would like to give you some ideas regarding winter workwear with a focus on value for money. We will also give options for higher end garments but still offering excellent value for money,

Many of our customers will contact us in September enquiring about warm weather clothing so we have compiled a list below of what we think is a good option!

As a bundle for people working a mix of indoors and outdoors we would go for the following package:


You can't go wrong with the Beechfield BB45, a great entry level cuffed beanie starting from just £5.68 including embroidered logo -

Wanting something a little more then jump up a little to the Beechfield BB447 with a soft fleece lining, starting from £6.81 including embroidered logo -


We love Regatta!! What a brand!! Outstanding quality and the RG627 Ablaze softshell starting from £20.08 is an absolute steal! It also takes print and embroidery really well! -

A little more upmarket and slightly different fabric texture is the Russell Smart Softshell, a little thicker and slightly more stretchy in comparison to the Regatta. Starting from £40.91 this is sure to keep the cold away -


Back to our trusted friends at Regatta again and the RG122 Thor Fleece starting at £19.44! YES that's £19.44 for an embroidered fleece. 230gsm (grams per square metre) it is a perfect extra layer to throw on in a cold snap -

Let's stick with Regatta and the RG128 Sigma Heavyweight Fleece, 380gsm with fleece cuffs. Starting from £29.20, still offering great value and guaranteed to keep you warm -

Outdoor jacket

A really popular product with our customers are the 3 in 1 jackets. Outer waterproof, removable inner fleece being two separate jackets an then when all zipped together this being the third, offering a fully waterproof out and soft warm inner. The Regatta RG095 starting at £55.07 is a great entry level 3 in 1.

The next option would be the Regatta (Yes, we do love Regatta) - RG089 starting at £90.80 -

You might read this and think £90.80 is expensive but remember your effectively getting 3 jackets and we have to embroidered the outer jacket and also the removable inner jacket.

We hope you enjoyed this blog and please just drop us an email at for more recommendations.

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